3 comments on “Extreme Air Hockey launch

  1. Hello,

    I played the game (free version) on Ultrabook and Microsoft Surface and I keep seeing the same issue – there is a lag, when I try to move the striper to hit the puck I see the delay (the striper moves behind my finger instead of being underneath my finger). Is this an intention or just an issue with the app?


  2. Hi Lana,

    Thanks for the comment. I think this is an issue with the app at this point, as there are definitely a few comments and ratings coming in indicating that the issue is occurring with different severity based off of the machine. Right now, I can only debug the issue on my desktop and the simulator. I’m not seeing the issue on my desktop, but I’m hoping to get a tablet soon to help me debug and see what’s going on.

    Does the issue occur with the same severity on the RT and Ultrabook?

    Thanks again for the feedback,


    • Hello Dan,

      Thank you for the quick response! The issue is identical on Ultabook (x86, 64-bit system) and Surface (ARM, 32-bit system). I also reproduced it on another 32-bit tablet.


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